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Opening a window to the wide spectrum of solutions. Enabling an optimal balance between the given environment  and the implemented technology.  We seek to provide a stable sustainable engineering performance for your project, for your product.


We belong to the very unique group of water engineers, wide experienced working  daily for several engineering offices, administration institute and  contractors - our stake holders.

Idan Magenn – the company founder has a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Engineering, Technion, Haifa
and a master degree in business administration, applied science, Munich.

A Strong hands in designing, starting up and operating wastewater treatment facilities, with extensive experience in treatment facility design and project management of both industrial and municipal facilities. profound actual knowledge in procurement  of Hazardous water facilities.


We are specialized working with multi  disciplinary organization, were we establish  communication routes to the project group, sub suppliers, administrational bodies and end client. 


Located in the heart of Munich  in the known academic center – Schwabing , near the Olympic park of Munich. Studio office bringing the creative working place design into realization with excellent working space quality.

Our daily appetite for gastronomy could be satisfied through various restaurant in a  short walking distance from the office or by taking a lunch break in our fully equipped kitchen for those ones that prefer home cooking.


Are you interested to take part ? Waagma is growing and seeks for good working hands, open minded and flexible candidate. If you feel that our work life balance  gives you wings, you have the required know how and experience, please do contact us better sooner than late.  Write us, describe your vision to us, how do you see us cooperate

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