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Power Plant  |  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

New power plant 820MW using hybrid gas steam turbine 


supply of ammonia water storage and dosing station for the reduction of NOx (ATEX)


Project life cycle: Design-Build-Commission

Approx. 18 months



50 m3 storage, 200 kg/hr dosage

Chosen Technology

SCR (selective catalytic reduction)


reaching highest degree of technical standard for power plants technology , managing precise erection time table , issuing an off shore approval by notify body.


overtaking project lead and  being introduced to a new regulation and standards common in the power plant directive.


The storage and dosing station were designed and approved by TUV süd . The scope of works included the design of the storage tank, uploading station for ammonia 25% and dosing station from the stationary storage to the SCR.


The entire assembly was determined as ATEX zone  and all equipment was sized and ordered in appliance to the corresponding ATEX  category


Design, procurement, erection and commissioning were conducted by us directly reporting to main contractor- Siemens. 

Complexity level

 introduced to  anew project team with new  set of standards for power plants. Being encountered by wide an a new range of industrial suppliers. Issuing comprehensive highly detailed plant documentation.

know-how acquired

welding procedure,  ATEX Directive, WHG professional course by TÜV SÜD 

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