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Municiplal WWTP 18,000 PE  |  Italy

Upgraded wastewater treatment in the municipal sector


Project life cycle Design-Build-Commission

12 months


Daily Flow

2,500 m3/d

Chosen Technology

IFAS- integrated fix film Bioreactor

removal efficiancy desigend

Nitrogen 97%  organic matter  BOD 95%


Coordination as  a design office for a the largest water utility in Italy
realization of a multi stages biological process being in charge also for the  process control optimization.


Project was executed for a municipality near Rome.

A great deal of process know how was involved, starting  from the biological process calculation, through the sizing of each component to be upgraded and the description of the control logic of the bioreactor. the WWTP was installed under our supervision and commission by our personal

Complexity level

upgrading a traditional WWTP without any additional structures needed. implementation of a new technology as a demonstration plant.

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