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The water/ wastewater treatment sector is characterized as a traditional segment were decision making is influenced by a high degree of awareness to new technologies and a great deal of long term/ sustainable approach. Personal relationship are the break bone of establishment any future cooperation.

Waagma possess a high degree of technical background and will seak to integrate this know how by presenting the very uniqness of the product and the advantages for the specific application.

Waagma are networked outside and in Germany mainly   through current and past collaboration. Our network could be used to find potential client but also  to tacle specific issues related to the everyday business like communication, infrastructure , certification of notified body etc.


Working on the entire range of services over the years we can be involved from the early stages of mark entry – carrying our seminar , lectures, presentation during conventions,  pre sales and finally approaching price negotiation , sales activities, contracts examination and purchase ordering.

  • Market survey

  • Partner analysis – choosing the write partner

  • Establishing your marketing material in the desired language

  • Representing your company in Germany/Europe

  • Connecting your company with potential clients – arranging meeting

  • Presentation activities in Seminars, fairs

  • Pre sales activities (quotation writing, price calculation)

  • Sales and negotiation

  •  PO processing and contracting

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