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Process design

Looking for professional process design for your wastewater treatment plant ? In our engineering office we are working with system integrators, contractors, municipalities, 

production factory  and other engineering offices .

We are specialized in providing process solution for the entire treatment facility as well as feasibility study involving technological alternatives. With over 12 years of working experience we cover a wide range of biological processes such as conventional activated sludge according to DWA 131 (2016), SBR, MBR,MBBR, USAB, RBCs etc. 

We are well familiar with all  pre treatment including  FOG treatment, Mechanical screens, Grit removal, primary clarifiers, scaling prevention. Sludge treatment beginning with solid liquid separation through thickening, anaerobic/Aerobic  digestion and sludge dewatering. 

We are using various calculation tools and modulation software’s  “homemade “ excel  sheets, empirical data from reference facilities bench marking and  supplier data.


Pipe lines are the backbone of each water  and wastewater treatment plant. Often the process unit are handled with care and the conveying pump is selected carefully – yet the piping and fitting are overlooked.

Waagma gained over the past 12 years wide experience for gravitation pipe works system as well as low pressure fluid design. Our scope of service including the following:

  • Piping system selection including associated fitting and foreseen instrumentation

  • Pipe material of construction selection (HDPE, PVC,PP, AISI variation, underground piping, drainage piping)

  • Weir design, overflow structures

  • Flocculation chamber design

  • Pressure lost calculation

  • Connection techniques (welding, flanged, pressed)

  • piping support elements

  • Pipe route design

  • Drawing generation isometrics,  bill of quantities

  • Pipework in ATEX zones

  • Pressure tests procedures,

  • Inspection, testing and documentation.

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