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you are confronted with a new project,  your project management needs a leadership, you are fighting against time and losing cost and reputation.  Let us support your project management in the field of wastewater facilities, kanalisation, water facilities or solar power plants.
For the long run we are offering to develop your team to handle projects with using your company philosophy with waagma project management approach . 

Waagma has a long experience in managing off shore projects mainly in the European region, USA, China, Scandinavian countries and Latin Amerika.  We are handling in most of our project with a great deal of unknown. We have well familiar with handling crises and protect your interest regarding cost, time and quality.

Case Study: Israel Municipal
Case Study: Italy Coating Plant


  • Resource management

  • Cost, budget management

  • Rist management

  • Intercultural know how

  • Documentation

  • Changes and additional cost management

  • Negotiation in every sense

  • Soft skills: improvisation, quick respond time, polite and assertive

  • Time management (MS Project)

  • Action Items

  • Online platform for project management 


  • In charge for schedule, shifting tasks, crating new tasks, maintaining buffer

  • Manage project direct team and “mostly” temporary team” working in matritian organization

  • Crating and manageing project meetings, followup meeting, client periodical meetins

  • Carting a platform for reporting

  • Balancing between quickness and documentation

  • Reporting periodically to management

  • Elert management “rote Flagge”

  • Crating in the project set up rist portfolio

  • Leading HAZOP study

  •  Alsmost and accure incidents


  • Leeson learned

  • Project file – editing and handover

  • Feedback meeting

  • Financial closing

  • Time recourse summary

  • Loop feedback to project design respectively pre sale dep.

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